How to Defeat Boredom

I found a post by Noah at regarding life and boredom. He puts this line in quotes:

Life is inherently boring so we spend it doing things to maximize enjoyment.

This is something I’ve thought about quite a bit over the years. In the context of wasted time, it’s easy to see that many of us have spent a great deal of time being bored. The problem lies in the fact that we often don’t know how to snap out of it, especially during our younger years.

How is it possible to be bored when there is so much information, so much stimulation, so much choice, everywhere around us? Today’s world is full of so much. With the modern media and web, there’s an unlimited amount of information to be absorbed at any given time. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by it all. There’s simply too much.

At the end of his post, Noah asks a few questions that he’s been pondering:

1. Are you really doing what’s the optimal thing right now?
2. What do you want to be accomplishing while you are here on Earth?
3. Are you living the life you want to be living?

These are good questions to ask yourself. There is an idea that’s not mentioned, but I think is implied in this article. That is the concept of passion. I think the key to defeating boredom and finding fulfillment in life is following your passions. Boredom is the feeling of not wanting to do anything, of not having passion.

I’ve blogged before on the topic of doing what is expected by others rather than what we want. It’s very difficult to find passion in doing something that you don’t want to do. Were you passionate about cleaning your room as a teenager? Feel free to insert any menial or unpleasant task into that last question.

Certainly, when there is a larger goal in mind, it’s easier to perform a task with gusto. If you’re visualizing what you’re going to do with that big fat allowance of $5 a week after you’ve raked the leaves, you’re not too upset about the current chore. This makes it easier to see the connection between passion and goals.

The two are necessarily intertwined. I’ve also posted about setting goals. I believe this is a key to having passion in life. Each of us needs to decide what is important to us as individuals and set goals for achieving in those areas. Only then will we be able to defeat boredom and pursue our desires with passion.

Yes, we’ll still have to unclog a toilet from time to time, but our larger goals in life will be pursued with passion. The smaller, less pleasant tasks will be much more easily overcome and boredom will be a thing of the past.


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11 Responses to How to Defeat Boredom

  1. noah kagan says:


    Really well done and thought out post. I think you said it right that it is all about passion and finding someting you love to do. I think a few interesting problems are that there are two many choices which make life hard. I will write about this soon.

    Also, sometimes its hard for people (including me) to figure out what they are passionate about.

    Lastly, one of the hard part about setting goals is that you are aren’t satisfied after you complete them sometimes. My stepfather wanted to be a successful engineer and he expected that to give him a good life. It did and he accomplished it but now he is wanting more..

    just some thoughts. nice post!

  2. Ray says:

    Very true about wanting more after completing goals. I just finished up a degree that I’ve been working on for years and now I’m wondering what the heck I’m going to do. I basked in the glow of accomplishment for about five minutes before I started thinking about what’s next.

    Thanks for stopping by, Noah. I’m looking forward to reading your post.

  3. Ray

    These are really great questions:

    . Are you really doing what’s the optimal thing right now?
    2. What do you want to be accomplishing while you are here on Earth?
    3. Are you living the life you want to be living?

    And I can agree with you completely about seeing the greater vision and going towards that.

    I suppose really it gets back to what one can achieve through one’s special talents and interests.

    And sticking it out, trying to produce things that get seen by the world and that are meaningful of course.

    I think that if one finds meaninfg in something- a poem, a play, a book, then others will to. And even therefore, if it is one written by oneself, others will find meaning there too – Its just waiting for opportunity, or rather creating it that counts – and the process.

    Bye for now.

    Best of luck with your writing endeavours.

    Kind regards


  4. ray says:

    Hi Maria. I agree with you about finding meaning in something. And, how do you know when you’ve found meaning? When you feel something. That’s where the passion comes in. Passion is definitely something contagious, too. It’s born to be shared and spread around. Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by.

  5. Bekah says:

    Good points. My problem is too meany things I like and No Passion for any of it. I know I am good with kids, animals, and old people. I am very intersted with the spiritual side of life, but I am so scatter brained I have no idea how to put it to use. Also have no like minded person around. The internet has too meany choices. Did I do the website part right?

  6. ray says:

    Hi Bekah. That’s a common problem and one that I have to deal with, too. There are so many choices in modern life and such a deluge of information, it’s hard for us to find some sort of stable place in the midst of it all. I think the best thing is to focus on our goals and move toward them one little step at a time.

    As far as the website part of the comment, when you get your own blog you can put the address of it there so other readers can check it out. Thanks for visiting!

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  8. Very excellent and thoughful post. Everyone needs to go through a phase in their life that they must figure out what is the most important thing to them. It is after such moments when our purpose in life is much more clearer and everything we do can actually make sense to us.

    Great reading, thanks for the article!

  9. ray says:

    HI Cin. Thanks! I think we all tend to reevaluate our lives every so often, whether it’s after a particularly big change in life or after hitting some other milestone or plateau even. Things can be uncertain for a while, but hopefully we follow our passions and get back on track. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Ador says:

    Ray, i just came across your post and I must say it is a very compelling reminder of the kind of life we choose for ourselves and who we want to be in future. I believe I’ve procrastinated on a lot of goals and dreams myself to the point where I would no longer considered them possible. After reading your post, I’m sure I would like to continue to persue my goals and joint a male modeling agency and dare to dream of becoming a successful male model. Thank you again

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