Bluehost is the Best!

I have to say that my experience with Bluehost, my new hosting company, has been absolutely awesome. I was able to select a free domain name, use a credit card to pay for it, and have a site up in less than five minutes. The domain name had propagated to the name servers within just a couple of minutes, too.

Here’s another unusual thing about Bluehost: I had a brain cramp when initially signing up and I chose a domain name that I wanted to change almost immediately. Bluehost offers a 3 day return policy on domain names, so I was able to contact tech support over their live chat feature (just click the button; it’s incredibly easy –thanks, Benjamin!) and, once again, they had everything switched over and fixed within five minutes. Incredible!

I have to admit that I was nervous before pulling the trigger. I’ve wanted to have my own domain for a long time, so I wanted it to be perfect. Bluehost has made this a very easy thing for me. They have a simple, straightforward business model, essentially one-size-fits-all. This really isn’t bad at all, though, considering everything that comes with an account. Check out the banner link at the top of this page if you’re interested in the details.

One of the things that convinced me was the consistently high ratings from hosting reviews I’ve checked out. I did quite a bit of research before deciding on Bluehost and the horror stories I read honestly scared me a little bit. I didn’t want to spend what little money I had on a less than stellar hosting company.

Among the features that really sold me were the price (fairly average at this point) and the wordpress autoinstall. I’d already decided I wanted to use wordpress for blogging as I’d heard all sorts of great things about it and I’ve always been impressed by the efficiency and functionality of the wordpress blogs I’ve read.

Installing wordpress was simple. I clicked on the fantastico script button on cPanel (the control panel for managing your Bluehost account) and clicked again on wordpress and within a couple of minutes it was completely installed and functional. It even allows you to import your blog posts from another blogging account.

All in all, my experience so far with Bluehost and wordpress has been very positive. This is a great way to start what I expect to be a long and fruitful relationship. Thanks, Bluehost.

P.S. Please feel free to check out what Bluehost has to offer by clicking the banner at the top of the page. Yes, it’s an affiliate link, but I obviously highly recommend Bluehost!

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  4. Markk says:

    Hi Ray! I’m taking your word about BlueHost being one of the best around. In fact, I’ve heard a lot of good comments about their web hosting. I’ve been contemplating on making a switch from Blogger to a paid host for sometime now, maybe BlueHost could well be the one I go for when it’s time.

    I’ve been reading some of your posts and I like them. You’ve got a sense of weighing issues and putting them in the right perspective. My request is for you to focus on articles centered around all aspects of how to become a better blogger. Thanks.

  5. ray says:

    Hey Mark. I really don’t recall ever hearing a bad review of Bluehost. I have to say I was worried at first about all the horror stories I’ve heard from users of other hosts, but my experience with Bluehost has been very good. I still highly recommend them.

    If you’re looking to get up and running quickly with a new wordpress blog on your own domain, you could potentially be up and running inside an hour with Bluehost. It took me about five minutes to get my domain set up and have access to my account. The wordpress install is about a five minute process thanks to the fantastico scripts available at Bluehost. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Thanks for your comment and I hope to see you here often!

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  7. I am glad your experience with Bluehost is better than mine.

    Read about my horror with Bluehost at Bluehost Blues!.

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