Building Trustworthiness and Credibility in your Blog

A great article from Darren McLaughlin of SootleDir (and Blog Republic) called Increase a Site’s Trustworthiness to Improve Linkability. What does it mean to have a blog or site that’s trustworthy? Very simply, it means that readers (and potential linkers) can tell that you’re a real person. They have an easy means of making contact with you via a contact page.

These things indicate your level of seriousness. If you’re willing to put your credibility on the line by showing who you really are, it shows your readers that you’ve put some effort into your postings. It also shows that you’re willing to deal with criticism when it comes because you’re not hiding behind anonymity.
If you’re a new blogger, you may not have put much effort into your about page. If you haven’t yet done so, take a few minutes to add a decent picture of yourself and a little background information so your readers can get more of a feel for who you are. It’ll help them to get to know you better. It’ll also help build more of a sense of community in your readership.

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  1. Yeah put your mobile number on your home page, a big picture of your house, and a pic of you at your desk….

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