Copyblogger: How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic

This is an awesome list of resources from Brian Clark of Copyblogger: How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic – The Ultimate Guide. If you’re at all interested in generating more traffic and more links to your web site or blog, check out this post. I’ve read through a few of them (some of them I’ve come across before) and utilized some of the techniques with some pretty good success so far.

Since starting this blog less than a month ago, I’ve gone from around 20 to 30 unique visitors a day up to 246 yesterday. I’m not exactly sure of the reason for such a big spike, but the trend has definitely been upward. Some of the traffic has come from Problogger’s Group Writing Contest, of course. Some traffic has come from other things that I’ve done, though.

It’s taken me many hours of researching and trial and error to find out what works for building traffic. I know many of you are interested in the same things, so I’m going to put together a short guide to post in the next few days of some of the very basic techniques for getting more traffic and links. There are a ton of posts out there with a great deal of information, but I’d like to put together a sort of “Dummies” list for those of us who would just like the basics in a quick, distilled format.

Until then, if you’d like a whole bunch of links to wade through, check out Copyblogger’s comprehensive list.

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  3. I dont understand why the 1st two pages of google results are filled with posts pointing to the same copyblogger post although my list is far larger and comprehensive than copyblogger’s

  4. ray says:

    Hi Hitesh. CopyBlogger’s post has been around for a while. He also has great search engine rankings because there are many links to his blog and for good reason. He continually provides excellent content.

    Just give it some time. You have a really useful list there and other bloggers will begin linking to you. Make sure you spend some time networking and commenting on other blogs. When they find out about your blog, they’ll visit and links will follow as long as you keep posting useful articles. Good luck!

  5. thanks for your reply ray.You are very right there.I still need to work much harder.May be this is a gradual process and I am in too much hurry.anyways thanks again.

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