Copywriting Techniques and Manipulation

CopyBlogger has posted another thought-provoking read that once again proves to be good advice for all writers. His article, 3 Coercive Copywriting Techniques is a fascinating discussion of the manipulative nature of marketing and copywriting in particular. I’m again struck by the similarities between copywriting for marketing purposes and good writing in general.

The tips that he gives are valuable ones for any writer who wants his or her work to be read. After all, whatever we’re writing is something we want to share with others. Otherwise, we would write it in our diary and hide it under the mattress. If we want people to read our words and spread them around, we have to sell our work and sell ourselves in the process.

Every human interaction is essentially a sales pitch if you think about it. We’re representing our own needs in some way every time we come into contact with another human being. It may be very subtle, but we each have an underlying purpose for everything we do. We do everything for a reason. That reason is what we’re selling.

The article mentions the book Influence (aff) by Robert Cialdini and it’s one that I’m adding to my must read list. I’m very interested in how to make my own writing more compelling and if you are, too, then start by checking out Copyblogger’s article.

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