Earn Money Blogging Series From Blog Republic

In my blog searches I’ve come across a blog some of you have probably already heard of, but if you haven’t, go check out Blog Republic. I’ve found this site to be a valuable resource in blog development. I particularly like the series of posts about earning money blogging beginning with Master the Basics.

This is some really good advice for beginners and even those with a bit of experience. I’ve learned quite a bit about blogging over the last few months and also about how things work on the web in general. Every single day, though, I learn something new.

In my post on How To Participate in the Blogging Community, I talked about searching out new blogs and sharing them with others. I really do believe this is important. I’m going to continue doing this as much as I can. I especially want to find more blogs that deal with writing skills. I’m interested in developing my skills for both web and print, non-fiction and fiction and sharing what I learn. Please leave a comment or contact me if you have any suggestions.

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