Top Five Rules for Using Affiliate Links to Make Money Online

I’m fairly new to the whole affiliate link scene, but after spending a lot of time researching over the last couple of months, I’ve found that there are some good general rules to be followed in utilizing affiliate links on your web site or blog:

1. Provide valuable content. The most important thing of all is to provide valuable content on your site. If you have the best targeted advertising in the world, it’s not going to keep readers coming back unless there is fresh, interesting content that your readers find valuable. Also, it must be updated relatively frequently. This could mean anywhere from 3-5 times a week to 2-3 times a day or more.

2. Fit your niche. A rule of thumb for writers is to know your audience. The same rule of good writing applies to blogging and writing for the web. In fact, this rule may be even more important for bloggers. Who do you expect to be reading your content? The ads you put on your site must be for products and services that will make your particular set of readers curious enough to click.

3. Do your research. Don’t just sign up for any affiliate program you find. There are at least thousands of available programs out there. Make sure you take the time to research the affiliate before applying. It’s usually very easy to get into an affiliate program and post the code to your website, but they may not always be worth the trouble. Try to go with ones you’re familiar with first. You may have already seen some on sites that you frequent. Or there might be products you’re already familiar with (You might check out Those are the ones to begin with. Keep in mind that some advertising may not be allowed by your host (i.e., Bluehost does not allow adult or obscene material).

4. Put ads where readers will see them. There’s a great chart available on google’s adsense help page that shows the hottest spots on a web page for advertising. This chart is a result of research that’s been done on where people look first when viewing a web page. The best spots appear to be closest to the top and also close to the content.

5. Don’t go crazy. As a final word of caution, don’t overdo the advertising. Subtlety will in most cases prove to be the better option. Again, it’s easy to sign up for affiliates and post the code to your site, but that doesn’t mean you should. A few well-targeted and researched affiliate links will be best.

Of course, the whole topic of affiliate links and web site advertising is somewhat subjective. How much is too much? It’s hard to say, but most of us will know it when we see it, right? Experiment with it and don’t be afraid to take it slowly, adding a little at a time. Ask for feedback from your readers. The bottom line is that if you already have traffic to your site, the amount of money you’ll make will tell you how well you’ve done with your advertising and affiliate links.

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  1. Hi

    Great post!

    Obviously there are a number of ways to utilise affiliate marketing strategies, some of which involve blogs, squeeze pages, content sites and much much more.

    In effect some techniques cross over, for example articles I have submitted to ezine articles I shall post on my blog, I know that these are written well and provide good content to my blog a part from directing traffic from the ezine directories.

    Your write that the key is to have good quality content, another thing is to optimize the article with the correct keyword density. So for example if I wanted to do drive traffic for the Keyword “Affiliate Marketing” my title would contain this phrase, and each and every paragraph as well, but only once, any more and you face accusations of spamming.

    We all want to monetize are blogs and sites, too much though and this can detract from the post and the links contained, so careful thouht I feel needs to be given to how far to take the placing of ads against a post.

    Thanks for a well written and thought provoking article

    Kind Regards


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