WordPress 2.0.4 Upgrade Completed

I finished my first upgrade to WordPress this morning and it wasn’t terribly difficult. Actually, it would have been pretty simple except for the fact that I forgot a step and had to go back and start over after restoring everything from backup.

The first thing I have to recommend to anyone planning on doing important software upgrades is to read the documentation carefully and follow the directions exactly. I must not have had enough coffee in my system yet because I neglected to deactivate all of my plugins before beginning. After restoring all of my files through Bluehost’s cPanel, everything worked again and I was able to complete the upgrade with no trouble other than some ftp client glitches that I worked around.

I have to say once again that WordPress is awesome and so is Bluehost (aff). The upgrade for WordPress wasn’t exactly one click, but easy enough for someone with some computer savvy and attention to detail. Backing up my web site and restoring all of it was extremely simple with Bluehost and pain free.

You shouldn’t really notice any changes to the site because of the upgrade, but I am tweaking the layout again in an effort to make it easier to navigate and read. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any input or ideas.

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