All You Need to Know About Writing

By way of CopyBlogger comes a great, and of course, timely, reminder of one of the most important rules of writing: Omit Needless Words. Brian is quoting from an essay of Stephen King’s that illustrates the idea well with a brief episode from the horror author’s youth. I’ve heard this advice before, but it’s one of those rules that can make your writing much more powerful.

Last week in my writing class, my students were lamenting my request that they make their essays a little longer than a page or page and a half. I remarked that the more you write, the more you tend to write. For me as well as for a lot other writers, I’m sure this is true.

I started out scratching my head after a paragraph, wracking my brains for something more to fill up the page. Now, I have trouble keeping the length of my articles short. I’m often surprised at how much I’ve written in just a few minutes of pounding the keys. OK, time to get rid of some needless words…

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