Problogger: The Curious Blogger

Problogger has brought up something interesting in talking about the trait of curiosity as it applies to bloggers: The Curious Blogger. I agree with him that this is an important part of the personality of any blogger, but that it’s also an essential quality of anyone who is successful in life.

Successful people tend to be curious about things. They tend to investigate different aspects of life around them and ultimately to exploit those that could be profitable or useful in some way. I’m not using the word exploit in a negative sense here; only in that it describes the utilization of a resource.

We live in a world that’s now deluged with information. Everywhere we turn, there is fresh sensory input for us to absorb. Many tend to shut off much of this flow in order to focus on daily necessities. The more intellectually adventurous and curious of us will relish the opportunity to explore new ideas as often as possible. When mixed with motivation and desire (Napoleon Hill’s ‘burning desire.’ Check out Think And Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored and Revised), curiosity leads to success.

This constant input of new data makes for a stimulating and more fulfilling existence. Our brains need to be fed something new every day in order to keep from stagnating. There is some evidence that this also helps stave off depression and other mental disorders. At the very least, exploring new ideas, whether it is a new blog, a new language, a unfamiliar area of science or history, adds value to our existence.

Darren follows up his initial post with a discussion of How To Be Curious. Can curiosity be learned? I think we can agree that as children we are all naturally curious, but that this trait is often suppressed as we grow older in order to focus on the priorities placed in front of us by society and our environment. I would prefer to ask how we can rekindle this spark of curiosity. At any rate, it’s an interesting article and as far as blogging goes, also touches on some of the things I talked about in How To Participate in the Blogging Community. It’s worth a read.

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