Was That an Earthquake or Did Google Fart?

OK, I don’t like to be overly crude in my posts here, but, really, does everyone have to go nuts every time Google releases something new? The folks from Mountain View have just released a new way of searching that apparently allows you to put a search box on your site that only searches a list of sites you can choose. So, instead of restricting searches by keyword, you’ll now be able to restrict them to just your favorite sites. This sounds pretty cool, huh? Then what’s all the stir about?

Here’s a post from ZDNet’s Digital Micro Market blog with the frantic headline, Will Google click fraud increase with Custom Search Engines? Wow. I’m terrified by this. What will we do with all the terrible click fraud? Will our children be safe? Honestly, can somebody tell me why this might cause more click fraud? Am I missing something?

As a counterpoint to the shrill tone of that post, we have a calm, sober preliminary analysis from Problogger: Google to launch Custom Search Engine. Read through both articles and you’ll see a pronounced difference. It appears that one of them knows what he’s talking about and the other doesn’t.

It’s interesting that all you have to do is mention Google and/or click fraud in a headline and people will fall over themselves to check it out. I think we’ll all be OK, though. There’s really nothing to see here beyond an interesting new product that some website owners and bloggers will be able to make use of. I don’t see it as being that earth-shaking. Please chime in and let me know what you think, but you may want to make sure your doors are locked and your underwear is clean first, just in case.

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2 Responses to Was That an Earthquake or Did Google Fart?

  1. Leroy Brown says:

    I don’t even think this feature is all that useful. Unless you’re a member of a blog network and want to keep search results in the family, that is. Other than that, I can’t see a real use for it myself. Certainly nothing to freak out about.

  2. ray says:

    Uh oh. I may have angered the beast. As I’m leaving this comment, I’m getting public service announcements on my adsense. Doh!

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