What To Do When Someone Steals Your Content

I posted recently about discovering that some of my content from this blog was being used without my permission. Shortly after I posted that, I found a post at Problogger that points to What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content by Lorelle on WordPress. This is a long and in-depth examination of the whole topic of copyright and what exactly it means in the blogging world.

Near the beginning of the article are some great points addressing common misconceptions about copyright:

* Going after someone for theft and copyright violation is NOT time consuming or expensive.
* It does NOT require a lawyer.
* It might NOT require anything other than some simple actions.
* The protection of copyright laws should NOT be left to the “companies with the money”.
* Protecting and defending copyrights is NOT complicated.
* WRONG: The companies with money think nothing of violating copyrights, so there is nothing to do about it.
* WRONG: Everything on the Internet is/should be free.
* WRONG: You put it on the Internet, what do you expect?

Another line that is pertinent to this discussion:

If the issue of people stealing your content doesn’t bother you, be sure and mark your website or blog accordingly with a copyright tag that says “help yourself”. Display a copyright notice, like one from Creative Commons, that says “free for the taking”.

If you want to allow anyone to make use of your content with no restrictions or with limited restrictions, then Creative Commons licensing is the way to go. There are numerous other points that are well made. It’s a long article, but definitely well worth the read, especially if you’re getting serious about blogging or writing for the internet or writing at all.

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2 Responses to What To Do When Someone Steals Your Content

  1. gary says:

    i’ve been dealing with this recently and it seems to have been resolved today. the scraping has stopped.

    it was tough, as they were hiding behind a privacy service. what did i do?

    phone call and e-mail to domain name registrar

    e-mail to web host service

    e-mail to the adsense people, who e-mailed me back and said it’s not their business.

    not sure which action worked, but it stopped this morning and all of my content has been removed from their archives

  2. ray says:

    Hi Gary. I guess this is pretty common. The article I reference above says it’s only a matter of time rather than something that just might happen. I wouldn’t have expected it so soon, though, as this blog isn’t much more than two months old yet. So, how did you originally find that they were scraping your site?

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