How To Articles Are Very Popular

I’ve noticed a big response in traffic to the 5 Minute How To articles I’ve posted. Although there aren’t always many (or any) comments on these posts, they are some of the most viewed pages on FreshBlogger. Other how to’s that I’ve written are doing well also. Here are the top 5 articles with the most page views in the month of November:

5 Minute How To: Drive More Traffic To Your Site
Leave a Comment on This Post
5 Minute How To: Get Started Programming with PHP
How To Participate in the Blogging Community
How To Include Links in a Comment Without Spamming

The 5 Minute How To: Get Started with AdSense gets honorable mention, but didn’t yet make it into the top 5. I’m glad there are readers who are getting something useful from the articles I’ve written. I plan on continuing the 5 Minute How To series. I have lots of ideas already, but I welcome any suggestions you may have. Please leave any ideas in the comments below or use my contact page to email me.

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