Great Example of Goal Setting

Here’s a post I came across on the DigitalPoint forums site: Zero to $10,000/Month In One Year; To $50,000/Month In Two Years. If you’re not familiar with this site, it’s basically a forum covering all aspects of online marketing and money-making, among other things. It’s a great place to pick up ideas and share your experiences in online marketing with others.

This particular thread jumped out at me with it’s catchy title. That’s what everybody wants to achieve, right? It sounds good to me. The difference between this post and many others, though, (as noted in the discussion that follows the first post in the thread) is that this person has obviously done a great deal of research. He also has a long background history in business and in putting together websites.

There are so many posts on these types of forums that are basically a newby begging for someone to hold his hand. This kind of behavior is usually met with some hostility because many of the newby’s questions have already been asked and answered many times before. It would make sense for the newby to have researched the topic a bit before jumping into the forum discussion.

What does all this have to do with setting goals? It shows us the difference between those who stand a very good chance of achieving those goals and those who have virtually none. Yes, I know that everyone was a newby once. This is undeniable. However, those who are willing to begin by doing in-depth research on the subject and then making detailed, logical plans that include specifics, like amounts and dates, are much more likely to succeed.

You’ll be doing yourself a great favor by beginning your venture with careful thought and planning. Then you’ll have a clear target to shoot for and milestones to show you where you are on your path to success. If you’re doubting that it can be done, check out this other thread from the same site: About to crack $1,000 in my third month (hat tip: Silent Bits).

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