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Adnan at Blogtrepreneur has called for comments on this post: How Many Comments Can I Get On This Post? You know how much we all like getting comments on our blogs and his is no exception. He’s shooting for 30 comments and he’s almost there. That’s 30 comments from unique visitors, not including second comments and trackbacks. I think my record is somewhere around 30, too. So, if you’re stopping by here today, go and check out Adnan’s blog and leave a comment on his post.

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4 Responses to Post a Comment Over at Blogtrepreneur

  1. Adnan says:

    Thanks so much for linking to me Ray – I’ve already had one comment through your blog’s referral – I really appreciate it.

    I just felt that reader interaction was at a lot so I wanted to up the buzz of Blogtrepreneur a bit and its gone down really well. At the moment I’ve got 19 unique comments so I still need 11 more!

    Thanks again Ray.

  2. Ray says:

    It’s my pleasure, Adnan. Good luck with it!

  3. jeinnifer says:

    I think its more or less has to do with sheer lethargy than anything else . I do find my blog comments coming down after a few days of increasing post . many of us are loath to comment on some blogs even though we secretly admire a few posts .I think more than anything else blog comments givens you a real time feedback and lets you know if you are giving your visitors what they want . That is the ideology for what blogs had been created in the first place

  4. ray says:

    Hi Jennifer. I agree. There are far more people who read blogs than make comments. The feedback and interaction is really great, too. It would be far less fun and interesting if all we did was post and not allow comments from readers. Thanks for commenting!

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