Changes to AdSense and AdWords Referral Programs

Darren from ProBlogger posted about some changes to the AdSense and AdWords referral programs that I’m sure bloggers and website owners will like. The great thing here is that Google has changed the program to more quickly reward those who refer business to AdSense and AdWords and also to increase the potential rewards, including a bonus for those who refer a lot of new signups.

There will now be more of an immediate gratification if a visitor clicks your AdSense referral link and signs up for a new account. They still have to earn at least $5 in the first 180 days, but when they do, you’ll get $5 for the referral. If they actually do earn $100 during that initial 180 days, you’ll be paid $250. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

I’ve never actually had a signup from the numerous clicks I’ve gotten on my referral links, but for many bloggers, this will increase the potential of making a little money from referrals to Google services. For more information on the details, check out Darren’s post linked above.

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