PageRank Is Finally Showing Up

I’ve related the whole Google PageRank saga on this blog before and I’ve also told how’s PageRank has not showed up for me from my home network. Though I’ve been confident of the actual PR of this blog, it’s been a little disconcerting that it hasn’t appeared consistently. Well, this morning was the first time it has ever showed up for this blog. ProBlogger mentioned a few days ago that another PageRank update or refresh might be going on, but I haven’t read about it from any other source.

Regardless of what happened, I’m happy to finally see it showing up on my Firefox SearchStatus plugin. It’s nice to actually see things in a consistent way for a change. When I navigate to, I now see that nice little green bar showing PageRank 5 and also an Alexa Rank that keeps improving (today it’s showing 165,988). I swear I’m not becoming a stats junkie. Honestly, I can quit checking all the time whenever I want…

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4 Responses to PageRank Is Finally Showing Up

  1. Jaro says:

    Yes, sure you can 😉

    I see that your Feedburner stats are still quite high so it probably wasn’t just some mistake.

  2. ray says:

    Hi Jaro. How’s it going? Yep. I still think the feedburner stats have to do with IE7 and Outlook 2007, but I’m not going to complain!

  3. Jaro says:

    Hi Ray, it’s going fine, thanks for asking. I’m just trying to bring back to life.

    I was thinking about this Outlook thing. What if some worker in a big company send a mail to all his colleagues via Outlook and most of them subscribed to your feed? That could be one explanation 😀 (I guess Outlook supports feeds, right?)

  4. ray says:

    I’m glad to hear that, Jaro. I know it’s tough getting back into the blogging habit sometimes. Good luck with it!

    You could be onto something with the Outlook idea. I’m pretty sure that Outlook 2007 has native support for RSS feeds and I’ve heard that so does IE7. I’m still a little puzzled, but very pleased to see the numbers I’m seeing on the FeedBurner widget. Today it’s at 795!

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