Your Behaviors Must Be In Alignment With Your Goals

I just read another great post from writer Jay Lake regarding aligning your behavior with your goals. This is great reminder for all of us no matter what field of endeavor we happen to be in. We can have all the lofty goals in the world, but if our daily habits don’t in some way propel us toward those goals, then there’s very little chance of ever achieving them.

Here’s a great quote where Jay points out that the things we do each day are within our control, but that our goals aren’t something that we can necessarily control:

Note that my objectives are things which I control through my day-to-day actions, while my goals are not directly within my control, but are only possible if I meet my objectives.

He offers this advice for those struggling with achieving their goals:

My suggestion is if you feel you aren’t achieving your goals as a writer, examine your behaviors. If you want to be published, are you writing consistently? Sending those stories out? If you want to be a novelist, are you working on novels? It doesn’t matter what you’re goals are, only that you understand them.

Whatever goals you have, this is a great way to reevaluate and refocus. Ask yourself what you’re doing each day to achieve those goals. Even before that, you may want to examine yourself and also think about those goals. Are they what you really want? As we go through life, things change and our goals do, too. It pays to take time every so often to give yourself and your goals a checkup, and see where you stand.

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2 Responses to Your Behaviors Must Be In Alignment With Your Goals

  1. This is so true. Setting goals is great and I think everyone should do it but then you must also act upon those goals.

  2. ray says:

    Yep. Goals are great, but they have no power beyond daydreams until action starts making them real. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment.

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