Revisiting the FeedBurner Chicklet Blog Meme

Adnan of Blogtrepreneur has posted an in depth analysis of his FeedBurner subscriber count as well as his own answers to the FeedBurner questions first posed on Dosh Dosh. Adnan makes some great points about displaying subscriber counts as well as getting and keeping subscribers.

One point that he and I discussed back before I even placed the subscriber chicklet on my site was when it should be displayed. The number that he mentions in his post is the point that we talked about: 100 subscribers. I didn’t want to show a small count, but once it reached triple digits I felt more secure in showing off my number.

Since I first posted on the FeedBurner Chicklet Blog Meme, my own subscriber rate has fluctuated a bit, but still shows an upward trend. Here’s a chart of what this progress looks like since I started using FeedBurner in September of last year:

FeedBurner Subscriber Growth for

Today the number of subscribers to’s RSS feed is showing as 959. Adnan mentions the fact that his numbers went up in February due to Google accurately reporting their numbers. I experienced the same effect with my feed and it was pretty dramatic as you can tell from the graphic. At first I was concerned that FeedBurner was going crazy, but over time the number has continued to stay high. I’m really pleased that so many have found the articles I’ve written to be useful. I’m committed to providing more and better content in the future. Thanks to all my readers and subscribers!

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7 Responses to Revisiting the FeedBurner Chicklet Blog Meme

  1. Adnan says:

    Hey Ray.
    Thanks for the linkout man.

    Yeah I’ve always found that once you’ve reached triple figures then the audience knows that they’re in for something good (safety in numbers!).

    That’s why when your subscriber count went to 800, it quickly rocketed to 959 – you’re doing very well, keep up the great work!

  2. I’m a newbie… and the phrase, “FeedBurner Chicklet Blog Meme” at first conjured up images of a race car driving piece of gum excitedly raising his hand in hopes that his teacher will call on him, saying “ME ME”

    …But you cleared it all up.

    (Wow that was weird.)

  3. ray says:

    Hi Adnan, I agree. That first 100 subscribers was a real milestone. Thanks!

  4. ray says:

    Hi Eric. LOL. I thought about that for a minute before posting it, but figured most would get the gist of it by reading the post and the other posts I linked to. I know many of my readers are newbies and I was, too not long ago, so maybe I should be more careful about defining my terms. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Alan Torres says:

    Nice article Ray. Still working on the triple digits here lol.

  6. Ian lee says:

    Congrats on reaching another milestone. You are almost at the 4 digit mark!

  7. ray says:

    Thanks, Ian. I’m really looking forward to seeing that magic number!

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