Subscribe to Comments Errors

Some of you have reported errors when posting comments here on FreshBlogger. Nathan from Not So Boring Life was kind enough to send me a screen cap of the error, too. I’ve done some research and found that there was an upgrade available for the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin. I just installed the new version, which is 2.1, and I’m hoping that will get rid of the sporadic error messages we’ve been seeing. If you notice any problems or new errors when posting comments here, please contact me right away. Thanks!

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7 Responses to Subscribe to Comments Errors

  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the linky 😉

    Really posting this comment to see if it throws an error.

    Stand by.

  2. ray says:

    My pleasure, Nathan. I tested it myself after installing the latest version of the plugin and didn’t see any errors. Have you seen any?

  3. No problems here Ray

  4. Nope everything worked fine. I was going to post another comment to test out the follow-up email option but I’m pretty sure thats a different plugin all together. I’ll test that now and will send you an email if I see an error.

  5. ray says:

    Thanks, guys. I think it’s working properly now. The new plugin is supposed to have a couple new features that I have to check out, too.

  6. Matt Keegan says:

    Hi Ray! Click on my name and you’ll read my account about WP and plug-ins. Evidently, with WP 2.2, a number of plug-ins failed. So, I am doing something I hadn’t previously thought of when updating WP: checking plug-ins for updates too.

    I never knew that WP was so complicated! Ouch.

  7. ray says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Matt. I’m afraid I still have to upgrade to 2.2. It would be nice if there were some built in updater for WordPress plugins, like there is in FireFox. I would bet that sort of functionality has been requested before…

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