New Survey: Are You Blogging For Money?

This is sort of a loaded question, but I’m really curious as to how many of you have blogs that you maintain primarily for money rather than other purposes. Many bloggers have multiple blogs. Some of these may be personal blogs while others are niche blogs. A lot of times the main purpose of these niche blogs is to make money.

In light of my recent post wrapping up the survey asking about using sponsored posts, I’d like to know how many people do have blogs just for the purpose of generating an income. I’m posting another survey in the right hand sidebar that asks this question.

Don’t worry: The results of this survey will, of course, be anonymous. I realize that this can be an issue for some, especially when revealing whether they blog for money.

Go ahead and vote and let us know whether you have a blog just for making some money.

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2 Responses to New Survey: Are You Blogging For Money?

  1. Andy Beard says:

    Hmm, influence people in a money making venture… I am not sure if that counts

  2. ray says:

    Hey Andy. LOL. Maybe I should have a more comprehensive survey on this. I would love to know more about what people are doing to generate money on the internet. What’s really working and what are people realistically making? Of course, this would have to be completely anonymous for most to feel comfortable in divulging their secrets…

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