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Many of you know that Steve Pavlina’s blog is one which I read on a regular basis. His posts tend to be very long and detailed and I don’t always have time to read them completely, though. He recently wrote a post on Blogging For Money that I found to be well worth reading in it’s entirety.

Although, there is plenty of information in this article for beginning bloggers, I think the content is much more useful and immediately applicable for those who have already gotten their feet wet by blogging for a while. Regardless, he provides some thought-provoking ideas on how you as a blogger should think about blogging in order to successfully generate money from it. The most important quote I found was this:

There are lots of people trying to blog for income, but they’re stuck thinking like bloggers instead of entrepreneurs. The activity of blogging is not income-generating; hence a blog is not a business. If you think like a blogger, your blog won’t generate much money. In order to generate income from blogging, you have to learn to think like an entrepreneur.

This seems like a very simple and obvious idea, but I think the concept escapes many of us, even bloggers who have been in the game for some time. He goes on to talk about the idea of marketing. The content alone may be excellent, but writing the content isn’t the activity that generates income. It’s the marketing of that content, getting those great articles in front of as many eyes as possible, that opens up doors and ultimately makes you money.

This is definitely food for thought. If you’re struggling to make money as a blogger, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing this for years, take some time to think about how you’re marketing your writing. Are you getting yourself out there and really selling yourself to your readers? The time you spend on marketing will be well worth the effort.

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8 Responses to Pavlina On Blogging For Money

  1. Music Terms says:

    What if one is really not interested in the money part of it? I for one am willing to accept that if some money comes, I shall not turn it away but, the idea of my blogging is to simply express myself, find a community that appreciates it, comments on my writing and carry on as a community.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. I believe that your blog is building a good community and I quite appreciate that.

  2. Leather Recliners says:

    Thanks for the information, will check out the post.

  3. ray says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I understand that many people don’t blog for money, but for personal reasons as you suggested. I really think that’s awesome and highly encourage it. It’s still possible to generate a small stream of income from those efforts, though.

    I think it’s also possible to blog as a business with profit as a primary goal and still build a loyal community. There are a number of people who regularly read blogs that make a ton of money even though a great deal of income is made from it. Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina are good examples of bloggers who write from their hearts, have built large, strong communities, and yet make a great deal of money from their blogs.

    I do have to say that my own motives are mixed. I don’t write these articles just to make money, but also because, I, too, have a need to express myself and share my thoughts and ideas with the community that has developed around this blog. The little bit that I do make from writing here has made a real difference for me at times, though.

  4. Nice post. There’s definitely a difference between those that are trying to support a hobby, and those that are considering their hobbies specifically as money-making ventures. Fact is, blogging is yet another instance in the “content is king vs traffic is king” debate – you gotta have both if you want to make money!

  5. I truely admire Steve Pavlina, I use to read his blog right from he started. But reading this post full is hard since his blog posts are more than 3000-5000 word long, Anyway I still enjoying reading this blog.

  6. Thanks so much for pointing me to this post. I always enjoy Steve Pavlina’s posts but must have missed this one. I read the the entire thing from top to bottom – I’m really looking forward to his book!

  7. ray says:

    Hi Christine. Sorry, I’ve been really slow in responding to comments lately (and posting!), but I’m hoping that’s going to change soon. I’ve picked up a lot of useful ideas from Steve’s blog and his book should be great. Thanks for commenting!

  8. ray says:

    Hey Thomson. I agree that his posts are a bit long and it’s sometimes hard to find the time to read them. Some of them have really motivated me to make some changes in my life and I’m glad I read them. Thanks for stopping by!

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