Is There a Mountain of Clutter in Your Mind?

I’ve just spent the entire weekend unpacking boxes. No, I didn’t win a lifetime supply of high fiber cereal that will keep me regular into perpetuity. I only wish.

Actually, I just moved to a new apartment in the last few weeks and, as many of you know from experience, the moving process doesn’t end when everything has been moved to the new place. In fact, much of the work still remains to be done after the ‘move’ has been done.

So, we spent the weekend unpacking, organizing, and getting rid of many things that no longer have value or no longer have a use for us (Yes, I said ‘us’ – I have a new girlfriend and we’re living in sin. Shhhhhh…).

While going through all this stuff, it really struck me as to how much we accumulate over the years. There were a number of things of my own that I no longer used or needed. This is after just moving about a year and a half ago and throwing away a mountain of stuff at that time, too. My girlfriend was no exception. We ended up taking boxes and boxes to a consignment store for children’s clothing and toys and also to charity.

The funny thing is that the apartment still isn’t all the way cleared out. Most of the boxes are gone, but many still remain. I still have to go through a lot of old clothing of my own (did I really ever wear that shirt? UGH!) and boxes of papers and, well, just junk.

All of this stuff is weighing on me, though. The clutter becomes an awful burden that lingers in the corner of my mind when I’m away at work as well as the corner of my eye when I’m at home. I need to get organized.

I wrote an article last year around this time about how to deal with lack of motivation. One of the points that I made in that article was that getting rid of useless junk in our immediate environment is cathartic and helps to not only clear our living spaces, but also to clear our minds.

This idea still holds just as true today, if not even more. I feel better after having gotten rid of so much that I no longer need, but much remains to be accomplished. There are boxes to be unpacked still, papers to be gone through and filed or disposed of, and decisions to be made about whose stuff we’re going to keep.

This is a lot of work and exhausting, to say the least. Honestly, I would love to take the whole week off of work and finish the job. Yes, the whole week because I think it will take that long to really get the job done the way I’d like to.

Ultimately, I realize that it’s vitally important to clean house on a regular basis. It’s important to refresh out surroundings as well as our minds and spirits. In my mind, both are intimately connected. Just as a healthy body is key to a healthy mind, an uncluttered space is key to an uncluttered mind.

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