Upgrading WordPress and Plugins

Yes, I’m still alive! I’ve just stopped in to upgrade WordPress and my plugins. I have to say that it’s much easier now than in the old days due to the automatic upgrade features in the latest versions.

I have plenty of ideas for new posts, but I’ve been busy with… Hell, I really have no excuses! I just haven’t been as motivated to post to this blog as I have been to do other, higher priority tasks in my life.

I’ve had a lot going on in the last few months, as I’m sure everyone else has. There have been a few changes in my life, but things are still getting better and better.

Some of the things I’m thinking about blogging about are employment (this is big with me now, for a number of reasons), self-improvement (because I’m fighting my way out of another rut), and motivation (which is really integral to improving yourself, but is still a separate issue).

With the recession currently big in the news (which I still try to stay away from!), I’m thinking more and more about ways of generating income on the side, so you can expect some future posts addressing this topic, too.

If you have any ideas for me or would just like to say hello, feel free to leave a comment or contact me via my contact page.

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14 Responses to Upgrading WordPress and Plugins

  1. yah now its a latest version of word press plugin which is automatic and easier to install it..also new features added it…

    • ray says:

      Yep. I’ve been using WordPress for a couple of years now and it’s really improved a lot. Thanks for commenting!

  2. the dashboard and the automatic upgrade built-in on the new version is a great convenience for us WP bloggers. can’t wait for the next major revision of wordpress.

  3. Josh says:

    Have you thought about affiliate marketing? There’s a lot of opportunity there, or also developing your own info products. Also, building adsense sites is a great long term strategy.

  4. i like to work on word press and their plugin is good and helpful.you should update it again and again because in every once it add some new features.good post dear.

  5. You could try to use Google adsense to make some money of your blog. I always use adsense on my webpages and make some nice money off it. The big advantage of adsense ads is they are always related to the content of the page they’re displayed on.

  6. Alot of people sell on Ebay to make money but what with the fees this isn’t as great as it was however if you setup your own online shop you can avoid all that. All you need is something to sell…

  7. I too think adsense is a good way to start earning money with a website, affiliate is good but more difficult in my opinion.

  8. socalsky says:

    I find plugins confusing to use. Do you have to use FTP for them?

  9. like josh i’d strongly recomend affiliate marketing to you

  10. To prevent major crashes, I’d suggest that you disable all plugins and switch to the default theme before the upgrade, and start activating them after. Of course a little research on the plugin/theme compatibility with PHP5 would do good before activating it.

  11. I searched on google and I had a hard time located the right info….until I found your blog.

  12. Product Packaging says:

    Doing sponsored posts on my blog has brought in a decent amount of income for me. I’m not going to live off of it, but it’s nice having some extra money coming in. I’ve been able to pick and choose what I write about and it’s always something relevant to my niche.

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