Anybody Out There Still Blogging For Money?

I read an article a few weeks ago on Ask Men: Blogging To Make Money. I’m not sure why it was in the fashion section of this somewhat notorious online men’s magazine, but it makes a point that blogging for money is somewhat fashionable.

There’s not a whole lot in this article that’s new, but I found it interesting as an outsider’s take on the blogging world. The author, Jeremy Burger, takes a fresh look at something he’s heard a lot about, but never directly experienced. What he finds is not entirely surprising: Some people are still making bank through blogging. Or, at least, adding to the bottom line of their main business through a related blog.

Are you blogging for money?

Show me the money!

So, does he conclude that it’s still viable to blog for money? We all know the stories of the big bloggers who are making tens of thousands per month from their blogs. Yes, they’re out there. For real. Darren Rowse was one of the first to make a lot of money primarily from blogging, although most of the money came from a digital photography blog rather than his signature blog about blogging. And he worked his ass off to make this happen. I remember reading his posts about how he worked 12 hour plus days to keep the content flowing. He would be posting 5 or 6 times per day just to keep the content fresh and the traffic coming.

Jeremy Burger concludes that there is definitely potential for enhancing your career or business and creating or connecting with a network of like-minded people, but that it’s pretty difficult to make a lot of money blogging:

To be sure, financial independence from blogging is the least-likely outcome. A more common scenario is that it gives the blogger a louder voice in, and perhaps access to, a community and lifestyle he finds attractive.

All things considered, there’s a lot of truth in this article, even though much is written tongue in cheek. It really is hard to make money blogging. It’s hard, but not impossible. In fact, I would say it’s easy to make a little bit of money if you just know a few things. Unless you’re very savvy or very lucky, it’s not likely that you’ll make a million dollars or a full time income.

I’ve managed to make a little money from this blog over the years. It’s never been enough to live off of, but at times it was enough to supplement my living and get me through some tough spots. And it would have been worth doing even if I hadn’t made any money. But, the cash is always nice.

Leave a comment and let me know about your experiences making money with your blog.

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7 Responses to Anybody Out There Still Blogging For Money?

  1. Martin says:

    I just headed on over after commenting on your other blogging article on Squidoo.

    Nice honest information. I like your nice clean blog also.

    I tell ya, I read some of the blogs out there and think I will never have a chance competing with those, yet who knows. Maybe blogs have some more life in them.

    I do like the idea, and I am growing to like the community.

    • ray says:

      Hi Martin. I’m glad you found my blog! Thanks for the nice comments. One of the cool things about blogging is that you can be yourself. It’s also one of the best ways to be successful. Be yourself. Be your own brand. There are so many different bloggers out there trying to be someone else, but if you just stick with being yourself, no one can really compete with that.

  2. Martin says:

    That’s a great call. To be honest, as cliche as it sounds, I have had a hard time fitting in anywhere. I became a bit of a chameleon, blending wherever, but not really letting my full self shine.

    I sense that online, not only can I do that, but I am running across similar people to myself, more in perhaps a month than I would say 10 years walking around the planet, which is kind of exciting.

    Be myself, that is helpful, rather than feeling I need to compete. That often seems the best way, if not always 🙂

  3. Thanks for the honest information.

  4. Amol Wagh says:

    I have several blogs related to SEO & Technology and I manage to make more than enough money to make my living through it.

    Despite of having Engineering graduation I preferred to choose blogging for my dedicated money making business & I am doing it full time now.

    It gives you so much freedom, Knowledge & lets you connect to world. Which is kind of matter more for me than money.

  5. Nasrul Hanis says:

    although blogging indeed provides a way to make money, you can’t concentrating too much on money money money on the first place.

    what should be in our mind is to share and inspire people through our words and thoughts. believe me, the money will come!

  6. I don’t do blogging for money recently. I only blog to share my thoughts.

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