5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginners

Blog11 - 5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginners

Blogging is generally simple. You can just write your mind and talk about the things you do and like. What matters most is to share your content with the people and inspire them in certain ways. What makes blogging a little bit of challenge is the fact that you need to market your blog to the people. Blogging without marketing is useless. No one will know your content. Some bloggers have become unsuccessful of some minor marketing mistakes. Most beginners also fail to make their own names because in blogging…

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5 Simple Tips For First-Time Vloggers

Blog10 - 5 Simple Tips For First-Time Vloggers

Video blogging has become a trend since the rise of YouTube. As a matter of fact, PewDiePie, a Swedish comedian-vlogger is the most followed channel on YouTube, beating Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Today, “video blog” is being shortened to “vlog”. The people who vlog are called “vloggers”. Some bloggers and influencers even venture “vlogging”. Social media has become a platform for the proliferation of vlogs. According to HubSpot, over 90% of social media content is videos. Further, 61% of businesses start to invest in videos as their primary digital…

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