8 Ways To Protect Your Blog Site From Hackers

Blog8 - 8 Ways To Protect Your Blog Site From Hackers

The online world is as unsafe as the real world. It is a place for hackers and cybercriminals predating your website’s data. According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report and Consumer Reports, over 24 million households in the United States experience heavy spam, whereas 16 million have serious virus problem for the past two years. Spams and viruses are means for hackers to steal your personal data. Bloggers as well are vulnerable to hackers. Safety first! Do these ten things to protect your blog site from being hacked. Strengthen password…

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6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Blog7 - 6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Usually, we get so excited after finishing writing our next content for our blog. We want everyone in the world to read our next blog post. However, the struggle remains that people may not notice your post. For some, they may not even know you started blogging. There should really be an effort to market your blog as well. Don’t assume that people will see your blog right after you launch it. Just like any website on the web, it needs optimization to boost traffic. So, everything will be useless…

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4 Easy Steps To Search For Guest Blog Opportunities

Blog6 - 4 Easy Steps To Search For Guest Blog Opportunities

Guest posting has been a part of blogging for many years. It provides an opportunity for bloggers to grow their community. Basically, it is a method in which a blogger writes for someone’s blog. It allows them to introduce themselves to a new audience. Moreover, guest blogging is a powerful tool for SEO and lead generation. In fact, 6% of bloggers publish their original content as guest posts to help their website’s ranking. Finding relevant websites that provide guest post opportunities can be challenging. Not all websites welcome guest bloggers.…

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8 Benefits of Joining Blogging Communities

featured14 - 8 Benefits of Joining Blogging Communities

To let people know that your blog exists, you need to triple your efforts in promoting your blog. For some, they use social media. Others invest in search engine optimization. However, digital marketing can really be costly. Plus, it does not guarantee great results, unless you pour all your money away. Fortunately, there is an effective way of promoting and driving traffic to your blog site and that is through joining blogging communities. Blogging communities are social networks where bloggers can interact and help each other achieve their goals. There…

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5 Tips in Choosing the Best Blog Niche

featured13 - 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Blog Niche

In starting a blog, one of the hardest choices is deciding on what topic your blog will be about. You need to consider a niche which you are truly passionate, something you would last forever. Moreover, it should be something you are proficient about. In this article, we will help you decide on how to choose the best topic or niche for your blog: Know your passion Take time to realize your passion and interest. It is a major factor in choosing the best blog niche. “Do I love fashion?”…

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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

featured12 - 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Blogging is a normal thing every online individual does. They are just unconscious that they are blogging already by sharing content. Tweeting on Twitter, updating your status on Facebook, sharing a photo on Instagram, uploading a video on YouTube, and publishing content on the web – these are all forms of blogging. “Why do people blog?” Well, reasons may vary from person to person, but actually, blogging has a lot of great benefits to an individual: Improve writing skills Most blogging involves writing. Even “vlogging” requires you a script beforehand.…

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Start A Successful Blog in 5 Easy Steps

featured11 - Start A Successful Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Blogging has been a popular activity on the web. It has been a thing since the birth of the internet. Blog, short for “weblog” refers to any form of digital content that focuses on a particular topic. It was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997 and was shortened by Peter Merholz in 1999. The first blog was published in 1994. Bloggers – they are internet’s superstars. There are dozens of benefits when you engage in blogging. As a matter of fact, it can earn you money as well. If you…

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Top 6 Tricks in Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

featured8 - Top 6 Tricks in Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been seen as a big game changer in marketing. Many businesses now are taking advantage of affiliate marketing in promoting their products and services and boosting their sales. As a matter of fact, 80% of U.S. businesses use affiliate marketing, spending more than $5 billion. On the other side of the coin, bloggers earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing. Approximately, 15% of the digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing. Most affiliate programs fall into fashion, sports, health and beauty, and travel niches. For…

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6 Ways to Make Money Through the Internet

featured4 - 6 Ways to Make Money Through the Internet

Around 40% of the world population today is online. With the rise of smartphone technology, anyone can easily connect to the internet. Basically, the internet helps people access information more conveniently. It has been a source of entertainment for some, streaming videos and music, and playing gaming apps. Lastly, the internet has redefined communication, connecting people instantly and interactively. What more can the internet do? There are a lot of things you can do with the internet. Believe it or not, making money is possible when you’re online. In this…

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8 Reasons Why Guest Blogging is the Best

featured6 - 8 Reasons Why Guest Blogging is the Best

Guest blogging is one of the most effective strategies for building a successful blog and in growing your online business. In this strategy, bloggers write content for other blogs of the same or different niche. In exchange, they get healthy backlinks and a chance to promote their own blog on another’s blog. As a matter of fact, 64% of bloggers write for more than one blog. They are realizing the power of collaboration. In this article, let us discuss thoroughly the benefits of guest blogging:   Boost Traffic The top…

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