5 Simple Tips For First-Time Vloggers

Blog10 - 5 Simple Tips For First-Time Vloggers

Video blogging has become a trend since the rise of YouTube. As a matter of fact, PewDiePie, a Swedish comedian-vlogger is the most followed channel on YouTube, beating Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Today, “video blog” is being shortened to “vlog”. The people who vlog are called “vloggers”. Some bloggers and influencers even venture “vlogging”.

Social media has become a platform for the proliferation of vlogs. According to HubSpot, over 90% of social media content is videos. Further, 61% of businesses start to invest in videos as their primary digital marketing tool.

Vlogging can be random. It can be about your life or it can be about a particular niche. There is always a particular trait in the way vlogs are edited that makes it different from other videos.

If you plan to start producing vlogs, here are our tips:

Find an inspiration

If you are just starting out, it will be hard for you to figure out how vlogging is done. YouTube is your friend. Surf for famous vloggers and watch their vlogs. Find inspiration in how they do their vlogs. Study the editing styles, the organization of thoughts, the display of texts, etc.

Know your identity

Being inspired doesn’t mean being a copycat. You watch other vloggers’ videos for inspiration, not to duplicate their content. Take time to realize your passion, your strengths, and your interests. There are thousands of vloggers, think of something that will make you a little bit of different at least. Vloggers may be similar but no one is completely identical with another.

camera - 5 Simple Tips For First-Time Vloggers

Invest in vlogging essentials

Anyone can start vlogging with just a smartphone. But don’t expect people to be astounded by your vlog. It is best to invest in digital cameras, monopod and tripod, GoPro, and even your blogger outfit. The quality of your vlog is a reflection of your equipment.

Learn to cut

This tip is intended for the editing part. One key characteristic of a vlog is the series of cutting. Editors will cut videos between words and thoughts. Why? It refrains your vlog from being too lengthy and most especially, dragging. Viewers do not want vlogs with too much blubbering. As much as possible, learn how to classify the most important parts of your videos.

Use social media for promotion

In order to gain thousands of views for your vlog, take advantage of social media. It is the best outlet to promote your blog and encourage your followers to watch it.

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