6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Blog7 - 6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Usually, we get so excited after finishing writing our next content for our blog. We want everyone in the world to read our next blog post. However, the struggle remains that people may not notice your post. For some, they may not even know you started blogging.

There should really be an effort to market your blog as well. Don’t assume that people will see your blog right after you launch it. Just like any website on the web, it needs optimization to boost traffic. So, everything will be useless if you don’t actively promote it to the people. In this article, let us discuss how you can effectively promote your blog posts:

Tell your loved ones

Your first readers will definitely be your friends and families. Of course, who would support you in the first place? Ask them to read your blog posts and encourage them to share it with their friends.

mm1 - 6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Invite colleagues

Working and being a member of an organization helps you widen your network. Apart from your loved ones, you can also ask your colleagues to read and share your blog posts.

Take advantage of social media

There is actually a broad opportunity for you to use social media in promoting your blog posts. Each social network has its own strength in terms of scope and efficiency in promoting your blog posts.


Facebook is the largest social networking platform on the web. There are over four billion Facebook users. Basically, you have to automatically share your blog post on Facebook every time you publish a new one. Facebook is also a home to hundreds of niche-oriented groups. You can be a member of this group and encourage everyone to read your content.


Twitter is also a perfect platform to promote your post. You can tweet once, twice, or more. The more followers you have, the more people become aware of your new content.

Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube, these are all other social media platforms which you can use to share your new post.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a social networking service oriented towards employment and business. If your blog niche is more of running a business or establishing a career, LinkedIn is a perfect avenue to share your content with the most appropriate target audience. Like Facebook, LinkedIn also hosts groups where you can share links to your posts.

Post answers

Quora, Ask.com, and Yahoo Answers – these are famous question-and-answer sites that allow online users to ask a question and anyone online to answer the question. Search Google for these questions through specific niche keywords. Choose questions that may be relevant to your post. Answer their questions and relate it to your blog post. Leave a link so they can visit your post and know more about your answer.


The abovementioned techniques do not require you to spend dollars. But if those do not work, try advertising your post. Social media platforms have custom advertising programs that allow you to sponsor your post to publicly advertise it to anyone in the world. Sponsored tweet and Facebook posts – these are the most commonly used advertising options.

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