5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults

featured9 - 5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults

When we reach adulthood, we get trapped in a momentum where we question ourselves about how we are doing for the past years of our existence. We came to the point where we realized a lot of things. These things that happened in our life maybe blissful or painful. But no matter what they are, they made stronger to become who we are now. In this article, let us enumerate the most common realizations of struggling adults.


We could have taken more risks

31 - 5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults
When we are young, time is our greatest asset. We have a luxury of time that allows us to take big risks, fail and succeed many times. Some adults regret not taking chances in their lives when they are still young. Definitely, the young “we” is the perfect time to know what we are capable of. We should strive to break out of the convention, of the boredom surrounding our life.


We should not force friendships

32 - 5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults
When we age, we gradually realize that having too many friends is not necessary, but having real friends. Before, we feel like we are on top of the world when we have dozens of friends – your classmates, schoolmates, church mates, fellow athletes, club mates, and friends in the social media. Today, friends lack time to keep up with us. Only the real ones can.


We should not rush things

33 - 5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults
Young people are ideal for life. They cannot feel the pressure of achieving their goals in life because they feel like they can do it. Thus, when they are still studying, they are so persevered to graduate to reach their dream career. They don’t know that it will really be tough ahead of them. The life after school is dark. It will be a transition from your dreams to the bitter reality. Never ever rush things, especially in accomplishing your goals. Take it easy.


Being cool is so overrated

34 - 5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults
Back in the high school days, we are so enthusiastic to try a lot of things, including those that may harm us or may destroy our future. Most teenagers try smoking weed, taking drugs, partying until dawn, and getting a lot of sex. Why? We think it’s cool. But the reality is, the idea of “cool” during the younger years was so overrated. Today, it sickens us to reminisce those habits. We realized we could have gotten enough sleep. We could have saved hours to finish our homework and requirements. We could have finish school earlier. And a lot of things.


We could have obeyed our parents

35 - 5 Most Common Realizations of Struggling Adults
The most painful realization we have is that we could have shown our parents more respect. When we were young, we do not want our parents to interfere with our decision in life. We want to grow old faster and become independent as soon as possible; little did we know that adulthood is such a hard stage. We could have obeyed our parents’ advice. We could have spoken to them softer instead of yelling at them. We could have expressed our love better while they are still not old and forgetful.

What are your most striking realizations in life? Share us your thoughts.

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