6 Effective Strategies to Make Your Blog HUGE

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Starting a blog is easy. Anyone in the world who is passionate about creating content can be a blogger. The difficult part of blogging is building your own community.

How do I get people to read my blog? How do I build an audience? How can people know my people? These are some of the most bothering questions in blogging.

We can say that your blog is successful if many people read your content regularly. But more to that, here are some factors that you should consider in making your blog HUGE.


Content and Context

When you engage in blogging, you need to put in mind that you have to deal with fresh content. The content is the heart of your blog. It is what your readers are after for. If your content sucks, your visitors will leave your blog. Moreover, you need to update them with new content, new posts.

Apart from content, bloggers should also think about the context. Why? Today, there are so many bloggers on the web. A dozen of you might share similar content. What will differentiate you from others is your context.



Getting viral is the new marketing today. In social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, anyone can go viral. As long as you have an interesting content, your post will be shared a million times on the digital-scape. In blogging, you need to write content that is viral-worthy.

Where shall we start?


Basically, it’s what most readers see. The headline should not be too clever nor too boring. You need to tease the readers. But of course, the content should be very interesting. As much as possible, it should exceed their expectations.



What can we get if we read this?

This is an unconscious question of most readers. Their time is precious. They want to benefit “something” after reading your post. So what shall you give them? KNOWLEDGE. They read to acquire knowledge. If they found out some useless or uninteresting information in your blog posts, the more likely they will not return or care about your next blog posts.

In crafting your content and content and context, make sure you write for the people. As much as possible, make the content engaging and caring.  They should establish a connection with your posts.


Guest Posts

Another way to make your community huge is by accepting guest posts. Guest blogging is no doubt one of the best strategies to build a successful blog. Guest blogging can increase traffic to your blog. It can also build your portfolio and credibility, your search engine authority, and online presence. Moreover, it can boost your subscriber base and brand awareness. Thus, you need to make sure that guest blogging is available in your choices.

These are just a few of the many strategies for making your blog HUGE. Basically, as a blogger, you need to be person-oriented. Know that what you are doing is for the people. The more people reading or consuming your blog, the bigger your community is, the bigger you are.

info2 - 6 Effective Strategies to Make Your Blog HUGE
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