7 Steps in Finding Your Right Blogging Voice

featured7 - 7 Steps in Finding Your Right Blogging Voice

There are billions of bloggers in the world. Most of them are not unique. Definitely, it is hard to find someone who is completely different and is totally exceptional among all the bloggers. But as a blogger, it is important that you develop your own identity. After all, people love original, unique ideas; might as well uniqueness should start with you. Your identity can be found in your “blogging voice”.

Blogging voice refers to the way you write your content. It is the reflection of your “real voice” when you speak. Sometimes, it is difficult to find your own blogging voice. Maybe you’ll find yourself mimicking others’ blogging voice, especially your inspiration. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to identify your right blogging voice:


21 - 7 Steps in Finding Your Right Blogging VoiceDescribe yourself

First of all, you need to describe yourself. What are your qualities? Your personality? Your attitude? The descriptions you give yourself will initially describe your blogging voice. For example, you may describe yourself as “funny, frank, and adventurous”.

Let others describe you

It’s not enough to listen to yourself. This time, let others say something about you. This is your way of confirming your self-descriptions. “Am I really funny, frank, and adventurous?” “Are there others things people think of me?”

Talk naturally

Put yourself in a situation where you can talk and express yourself naturally. The best way is to communicate with your most real friends. Observe how you let go of your words. Pay attention to the tone of your voice, the choices of your words, and your style of talking. Ideally, your blogging voice should reflect how you speak yourself.


Re-read your favorite books

Another way to help us identify our personal blogging voice is to look back on our favorite books and re-read them. When we say “favorite”, this means you can see yourself in the book and in the author. Re-reading them will help you find an inspiration for your blogging voice.


Recall your favorite film character

If you are fond of films and movies, try to reminisce your most favorite character. Recall how the character speaks, acts, and thinks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you and character should be completely alike. But of course, this will help you have a representation of your ideal self, including the blogging voice.



The most important technique is to engage yourself in freestyle writing. Get a paper and a pen and think of a particular topic. After finalizing the subject, start writing whatever you want, whatever your mind tells you. Be natural as possible. Don’t worry about the spelling, the grammar, and the punctuation. Avoid going back to your sentences. This will conclude your search for your blogging voice.


Be the reader

After free-writing, it’s time to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and assess your writing piece. “Is this really who I am?” “Does this represent me as a blogger?” If yes, then congratulations, you just found your blogging voice.

We hope you can finally find your right blogging voice and turn your blog as big as possible.

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