8 Benefits of Joining Blogging Communities

featured14 - 8 Benefits of Joining Blogging Communities

To let people know that your blog exists, you need to triple your efforts in promoting your blog. For some, they use social media. Others invest in search engine optimization. However, digital marketing can really be costly. Plus, it does not guarantee great results, unless you pour all your money away. Fortunately, there is an effective way of promoting and driving traffic to your blog site and that is through joining blogging communities.

Blogging communities are social networks where bloggers can interact and help each other achieve their goals. There are hundreds of blogging communities on the web, however, only a few are genuine enough to help you.


Here are the eight benefits of joining blogging communities.

Support group

Joining support groups can really be helpful if you are just starting out in the industry. They are the right resource persons to ask for some suggestions about how to improve your work. Sometimes, you will experience struggles in blogging. The community will encourage you to continue doing what you do until you master the art of blogging.

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Constructive criticism

Blogging communities are ultimately knowledgeable about various niches and the nature of blogging. If you want to improve your work, blogging communities will provide you honest and constructive criticism to point out some inconsistencies and loopholes in your work.


As a community, you get to interact with fellow bloggers of the same niche as you. It is very natural to develop friendships and deep relationships. In most times, your friends in the blogging community will contribute posts to your blog. You too can write for them. They will also share your content on their social media platforms.


Link building is integral to search engine optimization (SEO). As you have developed connections with fellow bloggers in the community, you can encourage them to link your posts with each other. Inbound and outbound links help boost traffic to your website. It will also help you improve your ranking.

Increased traffic

As mentioned earlier, blogging communities will help you boost your readership. How? Basically, your fellow bloggers will promote your blog. Second, the link building strategy will allow you to boost ranking, thus increasing visibility on search engines.

g3 - 8 Benefits of Joining Blogging CommunitiesDiverse expertise

Blogging communities have been an avenue for you to learn as well. It does not just cater to one niche but it embraces all kinds of blogs – fashion, politics, sports, pop culture, and home design, among others. The diversity of expertise allows you to recreate yourself as a blogger by learning from other niche bloggers.

More revenues

The most important benefit one could get from joining blogging communities is increased revenue. The moment you boost your online presence and increase your traffic, the more chances you can get potential conversions. Further, blogging communities help you raise your credibility which will help you make money by partnering with recognized companies and organizations.

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Lastly, there is so much to be proud of when you are a part of a blogging community. It will increase your morale as a blogger and will elevate your status.

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