5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginners

Blog11 - 5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginners

Blogging is generally simple. You can just write your mind and talk about the things you do and like. What matters most is to share your content with the people and inspire them in certain ways. What makes blogging a little bit of challenge is the fact that you need to market your blog to the people. Blogging without marketing is useless. No one will know your content.

Some bloggers have become unsuccessful of some minor marketing mistakes. Most beginners also fail to make their own names because in blogging of certain mistakes. Let’s admit it, mistakes are inevitable. Here are the six common blogging mistakes most beginners do:

z2 - 5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginners

Blogging about random thoughts

Blogging can be random. But it doesn’t mean it is recommendable. Sometimes, we think of random thoughts that we believe as a great idea for our next blog content. If you want your blog to grow, you should be organized. Your posts should always be coherent with each other and should serve community goals.

Thinking people care about you

This is a bit harsh but a humbling thought – no one actually cares about you as a blogger. What they care the most is your content. Especially for beginners, people will visit your blog site because of your stories, and not because you are a doctorate degree holder, an environmental advocate, or the daughter of Madonna.

z1 - 5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginners

Not collecting emails

From the very start of your blogging career, remember to collect emails by integrating call-to-action boxes in your site. Collecting emails offers you a lot of advantages. First, it helps you achieve a healthy traffic to your blog site. Second, it is your way of connecting with your customers and readers. You can send them newsletters or content about promos, freebies, and great deals.

Not promoting your blog posts

As mentioned earlier, blogging without marketing is useless. Who would know about your content if you are not dedicated to sharing your posts? Blogging does not require you a full-blown marketing strategy. Basically, you just have to optimize your content to achieve a healthy ranking in search engines. Moreover, you can take advantage of social media to promote your blogs.

Putting too many pop-ups

Pop-ups are essential for conversion. But limit your pop-ups as they get too annoying at most times. According to a study, 70% of Americans hate websites with too many popups. Use popups sparingly and wisely. If it is irrelevant, then there’s no reason for you to place it on your blog site.

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