4 Easy Steps To Search For Guest Blog Opportunities

Blog6 - 4 Easy Steps To Search For Guest Blog Opportunities

Guest posting has been a part of blogging for many years. It provides an opportunity for bloggers to grow their community. Basically, it is a method in which a blogger writes for someone’s blog. It allows them to introduce themselves to a new audience. Moreover, guest blogging is a powerful tool for SEO and lead generation. In fact, 6% of bloggers publish their original content as guest posts to help their website’s ranking.

Finding relevant websites that provide guest post opportunities can be challenging. Not all websites welcome guest bloggers. To help you find sites you can guest blog on, follow these five easy steps:

Search Google

Google is your perfect companion in finding blog sites you can guest post on. You just have to customize your search queries in order to locate guest blogging opportunities. Basically, these are the terms that encourage guest bloggers:

“Write for Us”


“Submit Post”

“Guest Blog”

“Accepting Guest Posts”

There are two basic ways to use these terms. First, type a specific niche keyword followed by the terms above. Let’s assume you are writing for a “fashion” blog. Type “fashion” + “write for us”. Google will display dozens of blogs that seek our guest bloggers about fashion.

Second, if you are targeting for a specific website, type the domain name followed by the words above. For example, “myfashion.com” + “submit post”. Google will also show you the website’s page that provide you the guest posting opportunities.

kk1 - 4 Easy Steps To Search For Guest Blog Opportunities

Specify the blogger

Some blogs do not explicitly offer their guest blog opportunities. Thus, you have to be smarter. In this case, key in the full name of the blogger or the influencer followed by the terms “guest post”. Granting a blogger named Hugh James exists – “Hugh James guest post”. Google will display either the guest posts of the blogger or his search for guest bloggers.

On the other hand, you can also use your stalking skills by visiting their official accounts. They can be open Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ looking for some contributors.  If you spot it on, do not hesitate to message them and tell your intention of writing a guest post. Of course, there is a desired manner of messaging blogs. Let’s talk about it in the next articles to come.

Use specialized tools

If stalking influencers or performing custom queries won’t work, then you can use specialized online tools to locate for guest blogging opportunities, like Followerwonk, Tweeple Search, and Narrow. Actually, they are designed for Twitter. You can use these to look for bios involving “social media” for the reason of knowing the top influencers that offer guest post opportunities.

kk2 - 4 Easy Steps To Search For Guest Blog Opportunities

Be part of a blogging community

Blogging communities are also perfect avenues for you to locate guest bloggers. For example, My Blog Guest is an online community created for guest bloggers. You can sign up for free and look for blogs that accept guest posts.

We hope this article helps you understand the mechanics of guest blogging and how to look for blogs that offer guest posting opportunities.

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