7 Ways To Make Money Through Blogging

featured15 - 7 Ways To Make Money Through Blogging

Today, blogging is not just any personal interest or hobby. Most bloggers now blog to earn money. Yes! In 2016, there are over 7 million bloggers in the world. 12 million people blog through social media platforms. According to a 2013 study, 1.7 million Americans use blogging to earn money.

“How is that possible?”

Basically, you need to be an established blogger first before anyone would invest in your blog. Over half of the businesses use bloggers or business blogging as part of their digital marketing strategy. Thus, business blogging is continuously on the rise. In this article, we will teach you how to make money through blogging:

Welcome advertisers

The first way to earn money through blogging is to accept advertisers. There are various tools that allow you to incorporate advertising options in your blog. The most popular platforms are AdSense by Google, BlogAds, and Text Link Ads. These platforms will designate ad spots on your site where advertisers can display images, text, video, or interactive media to promote their brand, their products, and services.

Be an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is popular among businesses and online retailers. Bloggers can actually earn money by being an affiliate. Businesses will ask you to sell their products and services. You will earn a commission for every traffic or sales generated.

Be sponsored

Blog sponsorship is gaining popularity over the years. Businesses have realized that bloggers and influencers are great opportunities for them to reach their target audience. Sponsorship can be done in a lot of ways. Most commonly, companies may sponsor one of your blog posts. It’s either you will mention them in your article or you will declare that this article “is sponsored by” a company.

happy - 7 Ways To Make Money Through Blogging

Get hired

Apart from being sponsored, you can actually get hired by a company. Many businesses today make partnerships with bloggers. In this case, you will be the official blogger for the company. Basically, what you are going to do is to promote their products and services.

Be viral

As part of promoting your blog posts, you share them to your social media accounts. If your content is so amazing, it will go viral, shared by millions of people. When you are being phenomenal, social networks pay you for the engagement. Moreover, it will raise your credibility as a blogger, attracting more investors and businesses.

Write a blog for money

Some companies simply do not want sponsorship or official employment. What they do is to ask you for a blog article and they’ll pay your content. Even beginners can earn money in this. These companies are not picky about bloggers. They just need freelancers to write them incredible content.

Offer tutorials

In this case, you do not earn money through blogging, but by teaching the art of blogging. Today, more and more people are interested in blogging. They want to learn about how to start a blog, find the best topics, or how to be successful in blogging. Thus, blogging tutorials are in demand. You just have to share your knowledge about blogging and easily earn money.

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