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Fresh Bloggers has been providing reliable content about blogging for over 10 years. It is a joint effort of prominent bloggers who want to help individuals who want to venture the art of blogging. In this website, we make sure that all of our contents are validated by expert bloggers and most trusted blogging sites.


HubSpot is a digital marketing company that specializes in inbound marketing and sales generation. On the other hand, they have a blog that tackles about blogging. They will give you tips, advice, and guide on how to start blogging.

 Jeff Bullas’s blog

Jeff Bullas is one of the most popular content marketing influencers. His blog has been visited by over 16 million readers in the world. Apart from blogging, Jeff Bullas can also teach you about social media marketing, search engine optimization, website building, and other internet marketing strategies.


If you are looking for a professional blogger, then ProBlogger is for you. They specialize in providing blog tips to help you make money. They will teach you about WordPress development, choosing the right templates, customizing your design, developing content, and a whole lot more.

Blogging Basics 101

New to blogging? This website can provide you the 101 of blogging basics. This website offers social media and blogging tips that are helpful for first-timers who want to explore the art of blogging.

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips is one of the earliest resources for today’s top bloggers. They will teach you about search engine optimization, content creation, and other essentials about blogging.